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 Interested in joining our Team? Read This topic!

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PostSubject: Interested in joining our Team? Read This topic!   Sun Aug 30, 2015 8:41 pm

Hello there,

If you are interested in joining our team please private message me ingame or on these forums.

1. Never Be Salty.

2. Do not Swear, remember, you are playing for God, it would not seem right if you are playing for god but yet you are  swearing.

3. Always be respectful, do not  tell your teammates or your opponents how bad they are etc, always be nice to them even if you are having a bad day, like the saying "Don't say anything if you do not have anything nice to say".

4. Work With Team Mates. IT IS HIGHLY IMPORTANT that you listen to your Teammates!!!!!  The game an depend on one move!

5. We WILL LOSE, there is always a time that we will lose. It is how you go from loosing though. So lets try look at our mistakes and improve from them.

6. Have your Name APPROPRIATE. We do not want anything that is NOT Family friendly. It is just wrong to have a Immature name.

7. No Trolls, we Will NOT tolerate Trolls.

This is our Top Streamer.

My Account Ingame where you can Contact me is  Gamingforgod, but you can Also Contact gamingforchrist on his stream or Message him In-game.
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Interested in joining our Team? Read This topic!
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